Spring Inspiration!

We love participating in creative photo shoots with other amazing Edmonton vendors.  The most recent one Delica was a part of involved a TON of great vendors who all worked hard to bring the spring inspired vision to life!

This shoot featured bright spring colours, fun and romantic floral arrangements, glitter (duh) and one of our favourite Hayley Paige gowns, the Conrad.  All the images were shot by the talented team at FO Photography and it’s hard to pick our favourites!  But we tried hard and we came up with a few that we are dying to share with you!  Enjoy!

View More: http://fophotography.pass.us/yeg-wed-spring

Spring colours, a vintage table, glitter??  What’s not to love??

View More: http://fophotography.pass.us/yeg-wed-spring View More: http://fophotography.pass.us/yeg-wed-spring View More: http://fophotography.pass.us/yeg-wed-spring

We love Conrad and how sassy she is!  One of the biggest perks of rocking a short dress?  Wearing some killer heels!

View More: http://fophotography.pass.us/yeg-wed-spring View More: http://fophotography.pass.us/yeg-wed-spring

View More: http://fophotography.pass.us/yeg-wed-spring

Watercolour inspiration is everywhere this year and we are LOVING it.  It’s soft, romantic and still so elegant.

View More: http://fophotography.pass.us/yeg-wed-spring View More: http://fophotography.pass.us/yeg-wed-spring View More: http://fophotography.pass.us/yeg-wed-spring

We love the combination of bright colours with softer tones in this centerpiece!

View More: http://fophotography.pass.us/yeg-wed-spring View More: http://fophotography.pass.us/yeg-wed-spring

That’s just adorable.

View More: http://fophotography.pass.us/yeg-wed-spring

We love cake, we love soft peach, we love polka dots.

View More: http://fophotography.pass.us/yeg-wed-spring View More: http://fophotography.pass.us/yeg-wed-spring

No it’s not a second dress, the cool twist about the Conrad dress is that it’s two in one!  The fun, whimsical overlay is removable so you can reveal that sassy number underneath.

View More: http://fophotography.pass.us/yeg-wed-spring View More: http://fophotography.pass.us/yeg-wed-spring

We love a good shoe picture, it just makes us happy! 🙂

Props to all the talented vendors who participated in the shoot!  For more information on any of them please click the links below!

Photography – FO Photography

Venue – Sawmill Banquet and Catering Centre

Planning and Design – Elegant Earth Details and Décor

Stationary – Anika Loewen Design

Hair and Make Up – Jenn Chivers Freelance Hair and Make Up

Dress – Delica Bridal

Accessories – Chelsea’s Stella and Dot Styling

Flowers – Studio Bloom Floral Design

Cake – Cakes by Candace

Models – Ashley Brooks and Damon Standing

Backdrop and Sweet Heart Table – Elegant Earth Details and Décor

Linens and Chiavari Chairs – Special Event Rentals

Mixed Gender Bridal Parties

It seems that when it comes to a modern wedding, there are no more rules.  Traditions like cutting the cake or not seeing your future spouse before the ceremony have been replaced with new trends like pie and first look photographs.  And I’m not one to be stuck in the past, while I have a special place in our hearts for those traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation, I’m thrilled to see brides and grooms take their wedding day and make it their own.

One trend in particular that I love is a mixed gender bridal party.  It seems that more and more couples are switching up the traditional routine and including male best friends or relatives on the bride’s side and close female relatives or friends on the groom’s side.  Whenever a bride tells me that they are having a mixed gender bridal party I ask the obvious question, “What is everyone wearing?”  Many times the answer I get is, “I have no idea.  Do all the girls wear the same thing even if they’re on different sides?  What do all the men wear?”


And beyond the question of attire there is the question of bachelorette/bachelorette parties and bridal showers.  Who goes to what?  Do the men want to be at a traditionally female only event?  Will your sweet great grandmother understand why your bearded best friend is snacking on cucumber sandwiches beside her?

Well fear not, after racking our brains, poring over wedding magazines and books and searching the depths of the internet, we’ve compiled a list of helpful tips to use during your navigation of this new tradition.


It’s hard enough deciding on bridesmaids dresses without throwing in the added consideration for a woman acting as a “grooms-woman” or a man as a “brides-man”.  There are a few options for attire that will give a cohesive look to your wedding without having to put everyone in black!

Usually when a woman is standing up for the groom the problem presented to a bride is do you put her in black or grey to match the men’s suits or does she wear the same dress as the bridesmaids?  I guess the question to consider is do you want her to look like a bridesmaid or do you want her to have her own style that coordinates with the groomsmen?

A bridal party with mixed genders can look beautiful and cohesive with each man in the same suit and each woman in the same dress regardless of which side of the aisle they are standing on.  This option is the easiest and works well because there is no division, you’ve simply created a large coordinated (and pretty good looking) group of attendants.


Another option that I really love is styling each side of the aisle with different colours.  For example, if blush and champagne are your colour palette, it would look stunning to have both the groomsmen and bridesmen in classic black suits with either a champagne or blush tie while the bridesmaids and groomswomen can be in either a blush or champagne dress depending on which side they stand on.  By making each side just slightly different it will help your guests determine who’s who and give each group their own style.

Stags, Stagettes and Showers:

Traditionally these events are split by gender although in recent years couples have been ditching the concept of separate parties and opting for a joint bachelor and bachelorette party.

If you wanted to make it simple you could follow trend and throw a joint stag/stagette in which all of your bridal party comes to celebrate.  However, if you wanted to keep it traditional don’t feel bad about excluding some of your bridal party based on gender.  Your bridesmen will likely be thrilled to join the groom in a night of rowdy antics and the groomswomen will be excited for a night out with the ladies!

Bridal showers are a slightly different story.  Typically these events include mothers, aunts, grandmothers and other family members who may not understand or feel comfortable including men in the tradition.  In order to keep everyone comfortable, run the idea past the host and your mother, grandmother etc.  If someone really has a concern or wants to keep the event traditional, kindly explain to your bridesman that this is just one time it’s women only.  He will understand and I’m sure he will be grateful he doesn’t have to sit in a room of ladies oohing and aahing over towels and kitchen gadgets!


Walking Down The Aisle:

When you have a mixed gender bridal party it’s not always as cut and dry as pairing up a bridesmaid and groomsman to walk down the aisle together.  There are a few different ways to get everyone up to that altar though.

As many grooms do, he and his attendants could stand at the front before the ceremony starts and the brides attendants walk single file down the aisle to join the rest of the group.

You can simply partner up based on where they’re standing at the altar and you may end up with a few same sex couples.  They can simply walk side by side, think of the way ushers typically do.

Or if you like the idea of a male/female duo and you have an equal number of men and women per side (eg two women and two men) you can still have opposite sex couples walk down the aisle together.


Whoever you choose to stand beside you on your wedding day, whether male or female, remember the most important thing is to choose people who love you, support you and are truly excited about your wedding!

Are you planning a mixed gender bridal party or have you attended a wedding where there has been a mixed party?  Tell us about it!

Photo Credit: Pinterest

“And the Oscar goes to…”

It’s those five little words are what every actor dreams of hearing.  The validation that their hours of work and dedication were worth it.  And while the awards are exciting and we all root for our favourites to win, let’s all admit that half the reason we tune in to the biggest night in Hollywood is to see what all the stars are wearing.

Sunday night was a fantastic show with more than a few brilliant highlights.  To name a few, when Lady Gaga performed a tribute to Julie Andrews in The Sound Of Music, John Legend and Common’s performance of “Glory” (which won the award for Best Original Song) and Neil Patrick Harris on stage in tightie whities.  Oh yea, that happened.

Let’s take a look at some of our favourite gowns from Sunday’s red carpet!

america ferrara

America Ferrera looked positively ethereal in this green Grecian inspired gown.  The delicate straps, belted detail at the waist and touch of ombre was a stunning choice for the How To Train Your Dragon actress.

anna faris

I cannot get enough of Anna Faris’ gown!  This silver, glittery gown with full skirt and belted detail at the waist shouts old Hollywood glamour to me and I’m completely obsessed!

anna kendrick

Anna Kendrick showed up to the red carpet wearing a stunning coral gown with peek-a-boo cutout at the bust.  The actress performed the opening number with host Neil Patrick Harris and Jack Black in a costume from Into The Woods before changing back into this gown to present alonside Kevin Hart.

cate blanchett

Cate Blanchett is elegance personified in this red carpet look.  Not only is she drop dead gorgeous but her classic black gown paired with a bright aqua statement necklace make her timeless as well.

emma stone

Emma Stone has been killing it this awards season with her red carpet looks and everyone was waiting to see what she would wear to this event.  This fully beaded, long sleeved, yellow-green backless gown was a stunner, complete with that thigh high slit.  Hey girl, that’s sassy.

faith hill

Faith Hill knocked it so far out of the park with this white beaded gown.  We see her in sleeves (Like Ms Stone) however instead of a high neckline, Mrs Tim McGraw opted for a plunging neckline.  And I am in LOVE with her new pixie cut!


Gwyneth Paltrow channeled a little Carrie Bradshaw with this dramatic rosette perched on the shoulder of this otherwise sleek and ultra chic pink gown.  Few stars opted for a one shoulder look (Patricia Arquette being one of the other few.) which made this gown stand out from the crowd.

lupita nyong'o

Lupita Nyong’o won the world over at last years Oscars when she won Best Supporting Actress and gave an incredibly endearing speech.  This year she was presenting the award for Best Supporting Actor and looked incredible in this beaded halter gown with pearl detailing at the bust.

kelly osboure

Kelly Osbourne is well known for being a former wild child (well when your dad is Ozzy what do you expect?)  She has hit the red carpet with some pretty questionable outfits in past years however, she looks elegant yet still a little edgy in this black, bateau neckline with full high-low ballgown skirt.

meryl streep

Meryl Streep looks classy as ever in this black and white gown paired with a black blazer.  And can we just talk for a second about how eloquently she delivered her monologue introducing the “In Memorium” presentation?  Beautiful.


Speaking of eloquent women, Oprah was in attendance and looked amazing in this nude coloured ruched fit and flare gown.  The v-neckline and three quarter length sleeves were a sophisticated choice for the beautiful and brilliant television mogul.

reese witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon always looks classic and elegant on the red carpet.  Her black and white gown was no exception, I love the off the shoulder neckline and belted waistline and of course the fitted silhouette suits her perfectly.


Jennifer Lopez is known for wearing some risque gowns on the red carpet that leave little to the imagination. (Who could forget that Versace gown from the Grammy’s in 2000?)  However, this beaded tulle ballgown was romantic, elegant and classic.  Though she did rock a very revealing neckline, perhaps to remind us that she’s still just Jenny From The Block?

kelly ripa

Not only does Kelly Ripa have the most enviable arms in show business but her style is also impeccable.  This gown has a similar shape to Anna Faris’ gown however Kelly opted for a shimmery black textured fabric to keep things a little understated though equally as glamourous.

jen aniston

Jennifer Aniston always looks great when walking a red carpet.  While some fans were in an uproar that Jen was “snubbed” by the Academy for not receiving a nomination for her work in “Cake”, she was a picture of grace and elegance in this fully beaded, nude coloured sheath dress with layered bodice and sheer skirt.

zoe saldana

Zoe Saldana wore a blush coloured gown with ruching at the waist and delicate straps that was so simple and understated but incredibly elegant and feminine at the same time.  Paired with a romantic hairstyle and simple necklace, I think Zoe had one of the best looks of the night.

Now a quick note about the men!

 jared leto

Jared Leto rocked this powder blue tux and white shoes!  Plus I get major hair envy every time I see his long wavy locks.

Eddie redmayne

Eddie Redmayne took the Oscar for Best Actor for his role in “The Theory of Everything” and looked brilliant in his navy blue tux.

david oyelowo

David Oyelowo’s deep burgundy tux was my favourite mens look of the night!  It was so bold!

What do you think of the red carpet trends?

Are there any gowns that you would rock in white for your big day?  Do you think your groom would rock a bold look like any of these gents?

Let us know in the comments!

Meet Donna Morgan

Bridesmaid season is in full swing at Delica Bridal!  And we have an amazing new bridesmaid designer that we are obsessing over.

Ladies, meet Donna Morgan.


We are beyond thrilled to be the exclusive Edmonton retailer for this designer.  They offer flattering styles for any shape in a spectrum of gorgeous colours (See above photo, wow!) which means that no matter what your girls personal styles are, there is sure to be a gown that they’ll love.

ffee488973f4b214e9fefd0544422060 e210ac699a02d574ea7018a998bc7e50

Laura (pictured in Amethyst) and Rachel (pictured in Midnight)

These gowns are made with a soft, flowing chiffon that is light and easy to wear.  (Perfect for your girls in those hot summer months!)  The short styles are fun and cute while the floor length gowns create a romantic and elegant look.

71956820930e0a7232c27b1d1bf82326 ad3ab44aa06a05495a0720b2b8df4b6b

Anne (pictured in Beach Glass) and Jessie (pictured in Grey Ridge)

The trend of putting each bridesmaid in a different dress is still popular this year and for good reason!  Every girl has a different style, body type and skin tone, so trying to find one style to suit everyone can be difficult.  Mix and match different necklines or silhouettes in the same colour to create one unified and cohesive look.  Every one of Donna Morgans gowns compliments each other so you will have no problem creating the look you envision.


Styles shown in Midnight

And of course the trend of not selecting one colour but instead using a palette of colours to create a unique look is huge.  We are still seeing many brides favour neutrals such as blush and champagne but the concept of mixing different colours in the same tone is gaining popularity.  Our favourite new combo?   Well, this peach, blush and coral mix has us swooning!


Colours from left to right: Blush, Peach Fuzz and Coral

Whether you are searching for classic shades like navy or wanting to stay on trend with mint or blush; whether you want a traditional unified look or a modern mix and match style; or whether you want a fun and fresh style or something classic and elegant, Donna Morgan will have something to help bring your vision to life.

Now if that wasn’t enough great news, it’s not even the best part!  These amazing gowns will be on sale for 15% off until March 15, 2015!

We cannot wait to show you these stunning styles.  Book an appointment with us to find the perfect styles for your girls, we can’t wait to hear from you!

(Photo Credits – Donna Morgan Website and Pinterest Boards)


Filters, hashtags and captions, oh my!

It’s no secret that we at Delica Bridal love Instagram, so this week I thought I would give you brides-to-be a list of some awesome Instagram accounts to follow!

Green Wedding Shoes

Green Wedding Shoes

I have been obsessed with this blog for the past couple of years.  The couple running the blog are based in Los Angeles and feature some of the most beautiful weddings you’ve ever seen!



Do you want an Instagram feed filled with beautiful dresses and stunning details?  BHLDN is produced by Anthropologie and is perfect for the romantic bride looking for a little inspiration.

Jenny Yoo

photo 3

Jenny Yoo is one of our exclusive designers who we simply adore.  This Instagram features shots of stunning gowns for both the bride and bridesmaids that will have you swooning instantly.



Admit it, as soon as you got engaged you went out and picked up a copy of Brides magazine.  (I may have even picked up a copy before I was engaged…actually I might have had a stack of Brides magazines hidden in my closet…I’m not proud of it, but hey it happens)  Follow their Instagram for daily inspiration if you can’t wait for the next months magazine to come out!

 100 Layer Cake

100 Layer Cake

100 Layer Cake is another great wedding blog that features gorgeous stylized weddings, real weddings, DIY projects and vendors.  Can we talk about this insanely cool teal VW van?  I mean, really that’s amazing.

Eternal Reflections Photo

Eternal Reflections

We love the ladies over at Eternal Reflections Photography and their Instagram is a treasure trove of gorgeous images that we are obsessed with!

JLM Couture

JLM Couture

We love JLM Couture!  Home to some of our favourite designers like Hayley Paige, Lazaro, Alvina Valenta and Blush, this Instagram feed will fill any need you have for amazing dress inspiration.

Style Me Pretty

Style Me Pretty

I know what you’re thinking, another wedding blog?  But really, is there such a thing as too many wedding blogs?  Check out Style Me Pretty’s Instagram for gorgeous photos like the beautiful navy, gold and coral decor shown here!

Truvelle Bridal


Truvelle is one of our newest designers based out of Vancouver, BC and we AH-DORE them!  The whole line has a laid back, bohemian vibe and their Instagram feed is sure to give you inspiration for your romantic, intimate wedding.

Delica Bridal

Delica Bridal

And of course we can’t forget about our Instagram!  We love showing off our favourite gowns and of course our beautiful Delica Brides!  And if I do say so myself, the model we get to show off those dresses…who is she?  She is just lovely. 😉

Pinterest Inspiration! – Winter Wonderland

It’s that time of year!  Winter is definitely upon us and what comes to mind first?  Christmas!  Holidays!  Wedding?

Wait…what was that last one?



Summer is the dominating season when it comes to weddings but I think it’s time that we give winter weddings a fair shake!  And let’s face it…we live in Edmonton so why not consider planning your nuptials during the winter?  I mean really…we have it for eight months out of the year so we may as well take advantage of it, right?

Still not convinced?  Let this splurge of Pinterest inspiration change your mind and ignite visions of a winter celebration that would even make Elsa jealous!  (Oh yeah, we went there!)


Hot chocolate bar anyone?


Chic jackets for a snowy day!


Okay this ceremony space is unreal!  The lanterns, the dark chavari chairs, the fireplace!!


A woodsy little boutonniere.


Candles + deep red florals = holiday wedding perfection!


Snowy photos make our hearts swoon!


This bouquet though!


This cake is frosty perfection.


And of course you smart YEG winter brides know that Sorels are a must for your snowy walk down the aisle!  (Also her wine coloured tights are amazing!)

So.  Did we convince you?  Are visions of sugar plum flower girls dancing in your head?  (Okay okay, that’s a Christmas themed wedding…but that’s some clever word play!)

If you’re dying for a little more inspiration check out our Pinterest boards!

Photo Source: Pinterest

All About Trunk Shows!

You may have heard the term “trunk show” being used on shows like “Say Yes To The Dress” and in bridal magazines and blogs everywhere.

Well get ready to hear it again!

Because we at Delica are very excited to announce that we will be hosting a Hayley Paige trunk show to showcase the Fall 2014 collection from December 19-21!

In order to prepare all you lovely brides for this amazing and positively thrilling event we thought we would answer some frequently asked questions about trunk shows so that you can walk into any bridal salon with the confidence of a seasoned pro.

You’re welcome.


Okay, so…what is a trunk show?

A trunk show is a chance for designers to showcase their latest collection over the course of two or three days in a bridal boutique setting.  Designers can design ten..twelve…fifteen styles or more for a collection.

Typically stores don’t carry every single gown from each collection, instead they select a few for their store.  A trunk show gives brides a chance to see the entire collection in one place at one time.

So you’ll have every dress from that designer?

No, not every dress from the designer but every dress from the current collection.

When booking an appointment for a trunk show it’s important to clarify which collection is being shown.  If you have a favourite gown that you are specifically hoping to try on its a good idea to double check which collection it is from.  You would hate to show up expecting a gown only to realize it belongs to the previous years collection.

For our upcoming Hayley Paige trunk show we are showing the Fall 2014 collection which can be viewed here.

Is a trunk show a sale?

A “trunk show” does not always mean “a sale”.  Sometimes designers will offer deals for brides who purchase during their scheduled appointment that day but that doesn’t always mean the price is lowered.  It could mean that there is no charge for adding buttons or switching a zipper back to a corset back.  Every designers trunk show is different!

Ask the consultant when you book your appointment if there will be any deals or discounts applied for purchases made at the trunk show.  It’s important to remember that any special perks come from the designer and not the shop.  Trying to barter with your consultant won’t get you very far!

Can I walk in on a trunk show day and try on gowns?

No, bridal salons typically are by appointment, especially on weekends and definitely on trunk show days.  If you want a chance to try on gowns during a trunk show weekend you must book an appointment!

Delica Bridal is booking up quickly for our trunk show!  If you are interested in coming that weekend to see Miss Paige’s new gowns please call us and we would be glad to book you in!

You can reach us at 780.465.3604

Is there a charge for the appointment?

While most bridal salons in the Edmonton area do not charge for regular appointments (this includes us here at Delica!), you may find that to book a trunk show appointment there is a small fee.  This is to ensure that the brides who are serious about finding a gown are able to secure their spot.  Because the designer only lends the gowns to shops on a short term basis it’s important that the bride who has been eyeing a particular gown for months has the opportunity to try it on in our limited time frame.

There is a $25 booking fee for the Hayley Paige trunk show, however if you find your dress and purchase it that day your fee will be put towards the total cost of your gown.

Will the deals or discounts be extended to me if I don’t purchase at my appointment?

While you are under no obligation or pressure to purchase your gown on the day of the trunk show once the event is over any deals or perks will no longer be available.

As well keep in mind that after the trunk show is over many of those gorgeous gowns will no longer be in store for you to come back and try on.  They can still be ordered, however you just won’t have the opportunity to try it on one more time before purchase.

How many people can I bring to this appointment?

We always advise that for any bridal appointment a group of three or less is ideal.  Ensure that your entourage includes people who know your style, understand the wedding vision and most importantly are excited for your big day!  You want a supportive group, especially on a trunk show weekend when things can get a little hectic!


We can’t wait to see you all at the Fall 2014 Hayley Paige Trunk Show!

Call us today to book your appointment!

Spotlight On Delica Brides – Erin and Gunnar!

When this lovely bride came into Delica to search for her dress she worked with our wonderful consultant Nicole!  Which means that I didn’t have much of a chance to get to know Erin personally.  BUT looking through the photos of her and her new husband this week told me everything I needed to know!  The love between the two of them is so evident and totally inspiring.  (There’s a picture at the end of this post that just melts my heart, I can’t wait for you to see!)  Thank you so much Erin for letting us be a part of your special day!  And thank you for sharing your photos with us and allowing us to share them with everyone else!!

(Disclaimer: I decided to post A LOT of photos this week because it was too hard to narrow it down!)

Erin & Gunnar-1006

Names of Bride and Groom: Erin Taggart and Gunnar Rawe

Wedding Date: June 14, 2014

Venue: The ceremony was held in Gunnar’s family’s backyard, and the reception was held at the Windermere Golf and Country Club.

Florist: Fabloomosity

Brides Attire: Hayley Paige “Carrie” from Delica Bridal

Bridesmaids Attire: Amsale from Delica Bridal

Grooms Attire: Hugo Boss from Henry Singer

Groomsmen Attire: Moore’s Suits

Photographer: The very talented Blake Loates!

Bakery: Cake Art by Jen

Day Of Wedding Coordinator: Sofia of Awespiring Weddings

DJ: Premier DJ’s

Photo booth: Mojo Photo Booth (So fun!)

Food: Drift Food Truck (YUM!!)

Erin & Gunnar-959

Erin & Gunnar-312

Tell us the story of how you and your fiancé met!  When, where and how!

Gunnar and I met at a Canada Day party at Pigeon Lake.  I was 17 and going into my last year of high school, and he was 19 and the friend of one of my friends older brother.  We hit it off that night, but I didn’t hear from Gunnar for several months until one random night when he pretended to just find my number.  In reality, he tracked down my phone number from another mutual friend!  I didn’t want to go on a date at first, but  he was persistent and my friends encouraged me to meet up with him.  Embarrassingly enough, my friends even drove me to our first date!

The rest is history after that. We dated for 8 years through university and medical school and tied the  knot the week after I graduated as an MD.

Erin & Gunnar-364

You heard right folks, this babe is a doctor!

Erin & Gunnar-337

Tell us a bit about your wedding!  Theme, colours, any special traditions etc.

The biggest thing we wanted for our wedding was for it to be fun!  We felt like our wedding was truly a celebration of all the people that supported us along the way.

Erin & Gunnar-612

Erin & Gunnar-634

Erin & Gunnar-1137

I love how much love is shown between Erin and her girls!

Erin & Gunnar-695

Hey girl hey, love these flasks!

What was your favourite part of the day?

Gunnar and I both agree that our favourite part of the day was the ceremony.  The garden was beautiful,  the weather was perfect, and our friends played great music.  We also wrote our own vows which were incredibly meaningful and memorable.

Erin & Gunnar-530

How amazing is this kiss!?

Erin & Gunnar-571

What advice would you give to newly engaged brides when they begin the planning process?

Enjoy it!  Don’t lose sight of what’s important – weddings aren’t supposed to be stressful!  Plan your day so that you can savour the moments rather than stress about small details.  Hiring a day of coordinator was one of my better decisions, and was definitely money well spent!

Erin & Gunnar-972

Erin & Gunnar-1146

Oooh yeah that’s a food truck!!  

Erin & Gunnar-742

How beautiful are these florals?!

Erin & Gunnar-719

These florals!  The light purple!  The sparkle! 

Erin & Gunnar-1052

Okay, so there were a few shots with Erin’s family that are just too good not to share!

Erin & Gunnar-224

How amazing is this reaction?!

Erin & Gunnar-762

A sweet moment <3

Erin & Gunnar-248

Erin and Gunnar did a first look and his face is PRICELESS!

Erin & Gunnar-300

This photo is my favourite, the look on Gunnar’s face as he gives Erin a big bear hug.  So. Much. Love!

Congratulations again Erin and Gunnar, we know you will have a long and happy marriage full of sweet moments and bear hugs.  🙂

love is in the air

We just had to share this story!  Every bride and groom wants to throw a wedding that is unique and personal to their own love story but this couple went above and beyond!

Dottie and Keith are a couple who travel constantly for work and because flying is a part of their daily life they decided to get married in flight on the way from Tennessee to Texas!  According to the report released by ABC News the couple has flown so much that they were able to trade in their Rapid Rewards points to get tickets for 30 of their friends and family!  Amazing!

Watch the video on ABC News’ website here!



Side note: How cute is the flower girl handing out peanuts?!

Congrats to the happy couple!

Spotlight On Delica Brides – Brittany and Mike!

When I first met Brittany I immediately thought, “This girl is so cool.”  Right away she was easy going and super excited about getting married.  She described a 50’s themed wedding that really struck a chord with me, so fun!

Originally she had described a short dress for her retro themed wedding but once she put on the Londyn by Hayley Paige (a full length gown) it was clear that the natural waist line, full skirt and whimsical detail still suited her inspiration by taking the retro silhouette and adding a bit of a modern flair!

Brittany was all smiles whenever we saw her and when I approached her to ask if she would share her photos with us she was more than thrilled to not only show us her photos but talk to us about her amazing wedding.

Thank you so much Brittany and Mike for letting us share in your day!


Names of Bride and Groom: Brittany Jaremco & Mike Fitzpatrick

Wedding Date: August 23, 2014

Venue: Leefield Community Centre

Florist: Fabloomosity

Bridesmaids’ Attire: Delica Bridal; Alvina Valenta – 9246

Groom’s Attire: Derks Menswear

Groomsmen’s Attire: Derks Menswear

Photographer: Tami Klatt Photography

Baker/decorator: The Bride!

Bride’s Dress: Delica Bridal; Hayley Paige – 6358

Veil: Delica Bridal; Sara Gabriel Veiling & Headpieces – Phoebe

Stationery: Minted, Vistaprint

Wedding Website: Wix

Transportation: Eternity Limousine

Catering: A Cappella Catering

Marriage Commissioner: Julie Tkachuk


This photo is our favourite!  Seriously?  How flippin’ adorable?!

Tell us the story of how you and your fiancé met!  When, where and how!

Mike and I met in 2005, in tenth grade, through our two best friends who played hockey together. We saw each other at lunch or in the hallways once in a while before really “meeting,” but I had a little crush on one of Mike’s other friends so I didn’t pay much attention. Once Mike and I actually started talking, however, I was intrigued by him and forgot all about his buddy! Thank goodness we had instant messaging (does anyone use MSN anymore??) to hide behind, since we were so young and too nervous to really talk to each other face to face at first. We started chatting more often in the hallways and cafeteria at school, and would often take the same bus home to extend our conversation beyond the end of the school day. It took a little while, and maybe a little prompting, but Mike eventually asked me out (in person!) in March of 2006. The tradition of taking a long time continued – he finally proposed after dating for more than seven years!

Tell us a bit about your wedding!  Theme, colours, any special traditions etc.

We knew from the get-go that we wanted a non-denominational wedding, so were excited to make our wedding as fun as possible.

I originally wanted a fifties retro inspired, black-and-white polka-dot theme, but since the dress I fell in love with didn’t quite fit with that idea, we had to find other ways to incorporate the theme. The men wore dark grey suits with white shirts, black suspenders, and polka-dot socks and bow ties. My girls wore gorgeous black Alvina Valenta dresses that had similar horsehair finishing to my dress. They also wore bright red heels and got their toes painted with polka-dots to match the boys. My dress was already fantastic, but I decided to add a thick black band around the waist to tie in with the rest of the black in the wedding and bring in my waist. Since I’m not comfortable in heels, I wore red Converse sneakers with polka-dot socks. I also found an amazing garter to match my theme!


How dapper are these guys?


Loving the personal touch Brittany added by incorporating this black band on her waist.

Our flowers were absolutely gorgeous. When I went in for my consultation, they asked me to describe our wedding in three words. The only word that I could come up with was “fun,” and they definitely hit the mark. Our bouquets were big, beautiful, and full of texture. All the flowers in the bouquets were red, but each managed to stand out on its own. I was also able to add some small photos of family members to the base of my bouquet, as a way of having them there for our big day. The centerpieces were amazing – big, round globes with orchids and roses. I loved those vases. The giant barbell arrangements were striking accents at the front of the room as well. Fabloomosity did an incredible job!


I love to make things. I’m a teacher, so I had almost two months to put things together for the big day. We built our own backdrops since we knew they needed to be moved between the ceremony and reception, and I didn’t like the look or cost of the “swaggy” fabric ones. I also baked four kinds of cupcakes as well as our wedding cake. You could definitely see our personalities at the wedding through all of the little touches. I collect salt and pepper shakers, so I decorated a set for each table – a miniature salt bride and pepper groom, complete with veil and bow tie. We put together a crate of “dancing shoes” for guests, finished off with the date and our initials. Also, instead of kissing at the clink of glasses, I built a spinner (think Wheel of Fortune) for people to spin at the risk of having to take a shot of alcohol or kiss someone themselves. I introduced Mike to DavidsTea a while ago, so we decided to use their tea for our wedding favors – we had to do a bunch of taste-testing and rating in order to decide on our two favorites. There was a lot to be put together – we definitely couldn’t have gotten everything done without the help of our family and friends!


We did our photos before the ceremony, since everything took place at the same location. Then we were free to get married, visit, and start the party! For photos, we again let our personalities shine through. Mike is proud of the fact that he’s gotten me into reading comic books, so we took some photos at Happy Harbour Comics downtown – there’s so much color in that store, the photos look stellar! We also got a friend to let us in to our old high school (she teaches there now) and took some photos to appease my teacher side. We even got to recreate the first photo that was ever taken of us!


Our ceremony was amazing. My all-time favourite wedding ceremony, for sure, even if it was my own. Mike and the rest of the bridal party walked in to “Concerning Hobbits” from the Lord of the Rings soundtrack. To most people, it sounds like wedding music, but to the few attendees who recognized it, the song was an awesome surprise. My dad and I walked in to a prettier version of Adam Sandler’s “I Wanna Grow Old With You,” which was another fun musical touch.

Even though we had a non-denominational ceremony, we still wanted to include readings of some kind, so we opted for a couple of poems. The first was by my favourite poet, E.E. Cummings. In high school, I actually had it posted up in my locker with a photo of Mike and I. The second poem was one that I came across while scouring through wedding readings and poetry, but I adapted it so it would fit our story a bit better. When I first read it to Mike, I didn’t know what his reaction would be, but he loved it!

Upon meeting with our marriage commissioner, she asked us about a unity ceremony during the wedding. Mike and I both agreed that we liked the idea, but didn’t know what we would do with a vase of sand or another candle.  Her solution? A unity shooter ceremony. We combined Frangelico and Crème de Cacao and took a shot in the middle of the wedding! My grandma may not have liked the idea, but it’s not something our guests will forget any time soon! The cherry on top was the kiss – my favourite part of the day!

I couldn’t believe how perfectly our day went – it’s too bad it flew by so fast!

(That Crispy Crunch shot is my absolute favourite!  And a unity shot? LOVE IT! – Jenn)


That is the kiss of a man who is super excited to be married to his gorgeous wife!

What was your favourite part of the day?

During the ceremony, when it was time for the kiss, Mike surprised me and bent me over in a big, dramatic dip kiss. I was wearing bright red lipstick and it got all over his mouth and just wouldn’t come off, even with his pocket square and some thumb-and-spit effort. He had pinkish lips for the rest of the ceremony. The video of that moment is absolutely priceless and it makes me smile every time I watch it.



What advice would you give to newly engaged brides when they begin the planning process?

BREATHE. Stick to your guns and go with your gut. Don’t forget to have fun with the whole process! Hopefully, you’ll only do this once – you want it to be your and your fiancé’s day, so make sure that both of you get your ideas out in the open and make them a reality! You can’t please everyone; it’s impossible to even try. Just make sure that you two are happy! Also, it may contradict with “stick to your guns,” but when trying on dresses, be OPEN. I wanted a short, retro-style dress and couldn’t find one that I liked on me. I tried on something completely different, just for fun, and didn’t want to take it off! You could be surprised at how things turn out.



Congratulations again to Brittany and Mike!  We wish you years of happiness!!